Monday, January 31, 2011

Host housing and LCI UPDATE INFO

Penn's Cycling School is calling for Host Housing for the LCI seminar being conducted On April 1-3. If you have a spare room and are able to put up any one coming in for 2 nights please contact me at the number below. I will get with you personally to give you details.

Please have anyone you know interested to contact me about helping out.  Thank you!

P.S. if you have a passion for cycling and teaching and you want to become an LCI here is your chance. you must have TS 101 first then you have to become a league member then register for the seminar on the league site. here are all the links below. and the attachements above.

TS 101: FEB 18-19: l

League membership:

Seminar Registration: 

Sharon Monahan
Penn's Cycling School
LAB Certified Master Instructor

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